“The Oregon Gangster” Chael P. Sonnen is too gangster for Boston, according to the UFC’s long running adversaries at the Culinary Union.

Following a petition by the Union, provided to the Mass. Athltetic Commission, “The Bad Guy” has been called in for a meeting on the matter.  The topic — “conviction of a crime of moral turpitude.” Referring to his run-ins with the Oregon law for money laundering charges

It seems that the question of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) use (exemption) will also be conversed afterwords. Their ‘concern’ is to find out if Sonnen is using his exemption ‘appropriately.’ The commission is said to make a decision in the coming days, leaving the UFC only days to find a replacement, should they denial Sonnen.

If you are unaware of the bad blood between the UFC’s owners, the Fertitta brothers and the Union — in a nutshell it is the brothers refusal to allow the union to unionize the staff in their casinos. To that the Union has responded with smear campaigns, doing anything and everything (as you see) to bring down the UFC since its uprise.