On Tuesday, after the UFC 148 press conference in Rio with Chael Sonnen, Anderson Silva and Dana White, Sonnen was interviewed, and of course had some choice words for his opponent Anderson Silva. Sonnen called Silva a “fraud and phony,” and that “he was never the best  fighter in our country.” Check out the full interview bellow:

Why this rivalry towards Anderson?

Rivalry comes with the challenge. He’s a fraud, phony and I’m not gonna stand before him. I had to grow up with this crap, I had to grow up with Mike Tyson’s crap. They tried to tell us Mike was the best fighter in the world, but in the reality he was never the best fighter in our country. The whole time Evander Holyfield was there. Every single day of Mike Tyson’s life that he held the world championship belt, Evander Holyfield was there and could beat him in every one of those days. Every single day that Anderson has the world championship, I’ve been here. We’re not from different genres,  generations, we don’t have a big age gap. There’s not one day of his life he’s been the best fighter in the world. I’m the best and I’ve always been.


Does it matter where the fight happens?

I fight anywhere. I don’t bother were it happens. I was never like that. The fight can happen in any place. I’ll beat Anderson Silva next time he stares at me like that.


How did you feel when Anderson said you’re just a wrestler and not a mixed martial artist?

I think it’s a compliment. I am a martial artist mixture or anything else you wanna say. I don’t wear little cocky pajamas, I don’t bowl, I don’t lay on my back looking to somebody up. I’m a pugilist, I’m a fist fighter, I’m a gangster from the mean streets of Oregon.


Why you keep saying bad things about Brazil when you don’t really know the country?

Why don’t you ask Anderson why he let me say those things about you guys for so long? Why don’t you guys ask Anderson why he’s a Brazilian when it’s convenient? When the reality is he was made rich by a North American company, famous by a North American company, bought a 2 million dollars mansion in North America so he can leave Brazil the first chance he gets. Why don’t you guys ask him that? He’s Brazilian when it’s convenient.


Where’s your Palmeiras t-shirt?

My Palmeiras t-shirt is on my gym bag. I practice in it.


You plan to use it before or after the fight?

I wear it all the time. I was hoping this fight would be in Sao Paulo and after I stop Anderson Silva on July 7th, we’ll come back to Brazil for part three. Hopefully that will be in Sao Paulo.


You’re training with a Brazilian, Vinny Magalhaes. In what why is he helping you?

He’s helping me with everything. He’s fantastic. We got a good plan and we’ll come out and use it. He’s adding stuff to the arsenal as it is.


Source: Tatame