Fuel TV has released a preview of their upcoming Tue. show, and it looks to have Sonnen in usual form. Trashing Anderson Silva. Sonnen explains that Anderson Silva and management worked very hard to make sure they did not have to fight either himself, nor Mark Munoz.

“It’s real simple. I want the title. I want to be champion. I don’t want it just because I want a belt, I want to be the best. I want to look in the mirror and know I’m the best in the world. If I can’t beat Mark Munoz, then I’m not. Munoz and I aren’t fighting because this is the match that made sense. We’re fighting because Anderson doesn’t want to fight me. Anderson trained with Munoz, he got destroyed by Munoz, he doesn’t want to fight Mark. Ed Soares, Anderson’s manager, worked diligently behind the scenes to make Mark and I fight each other. So I don’t have a big problem fighting Mark. my resentment is that Anderson got his way.”