Diego Sanchez has nothing left in his gas tank but the ability to absorb punishment and growl a lot. Someone please make him retire.

UFC Fight Night 78 saw the TUF 1 winner cut down to 145 and take on contender Ricardo Lamas. It went pretty much as expected.

Sure, Sanchez had his moments – once, he hit Lamas so hard that Lamas stopped striking and went into takedown mode. But it was otherwise all about Lamas picking and choosing where he wanted to hurt his foe, and doing so with kicks and punches.

Twice Lamas kicked Sanchez in the leg so hard that it looked like it was going to fall off (and sadly, if it did, you know Diego was going to keep fighting).

Lamas took the clear-cut unanimous decision when time ran out. Meanwhile, Sanchez proved yet again that, though still tough as nails, he lacks the tools to win.

Please make it stop.