Manager to Anderson Silva, Ed Soares has made it clear numerous times that he has no love for Silva’s upcoming opponent, Chael Sonnen. Sonnen is known for playing on the emotions of Brazilians (among many others) as he hurls insults at the prideful nation. Since the announcement of the rematch in Silva’s home country, the question has been ongoing of how will “The Oregon Gangster” escape the country unscathed by the countrymen? Escaping from Silva uninjured is a whole other debate.

“Hopefully people will understand that they shouldn’t do anything against Chael, just boo him said Ed Soares. Let Anderson settle this with him in the Octagon. It will be very bad for Brazil if something happens to him. The guy is an idiot, but he is promoting the fight and it will be the greatest MMA fight of all time.”

Somewhat shocking to hear Soares pleading for the man that’s frustrated him time and time again with comments made to the press. However, we do agree with Soares that should something happen to the trash talking Sonnen, it would only look bad on Brazil and mixed martial arts. We like to be on the optimistic side that the Brazil basher puts on a show and return to the States in one piece.