In case you don’t know – like, maybe you’ve been living in a cave for the last 50 years or you’re an alien from outer space – Snoop Dogg is a national treasure. A rapper with a heart of gold and a blunt of platinum, he is our id, our Tyler Durden, our everything we’ve ever wanted to be. So when he has words to say about MMA, you better believe we’re going to listen.

And you better believe TMZ will be there to record it.

So, yeah, Snoop thinks Jon Jones is the best fighter ever. So it is said, so it shall be…

Snoop ain’t mincing his words — telling TMZ Sports his friend, Jon Jones, is the “baddest motherf**ker to ever walk in the Octagon.”


The rap legend already vowed to walk Jones into the ring when he fights Daniel Cormier and tells us, “That’s my homeboy.”

On an unrelated note, Snoop’s also pretty fired up about the possibility UFC fighters could be allowed to smoke weed some time in the near future.