We learned many intriguing facts last night (May 17) on UFC president Dana White, from the one on one debut of AXS TV’s “The Voice versus Dana White by Michael Schiavello (@SchiavelloVOICE). Really a must watch, quality interview for any mixed martial arts fan. The piece manages to give a clear background and insight into the sports key figure in under sixty minutes. Just to get a taste, here’s six facts you may not know about the leading man of the UFC.

6) White admits that he was ran out of Boston by the Mobster James “Whitey” Bulger (Jack Nicholson in The Departed). White packed what he could fit in a suitcase and left everything behind, including a girlfriend who he said is now married with kids. Bulger now sits in a prison cell for 19 counts of murder.

5) WWE’s Shane McMahon attempted to buy the UFC, prior to White’s buddies at Zuffa LLC. stepping in and purchasing the slumping organization. It was Vince McMahon who was against the purchase according to White.

4) White experiences Meniere’s disease due to a severe beating he received back in Boston after he attempted to defend his sisters honor in a bar. It didn’t work out as a group of guys beat him to a pulp in an alley, leaving his ear ringing for a month, said White.

3) There was a time when the UFC was looking to put together a celebrity fight of Joe Rogan versus Wesley Snipes. Snipes, in need of tax money, called out Rogan, which Rogan was quick to accept said White.

2) White is adamant that his good friend Mike Tyson was wrongfully prosecuted for rape. Being in ‘The Business,’ and knowing Tyson, he doesn’t believe that Tyson is guilty and was likely extorted. White says he isn’t capable of such atrocity’s.

1) The leader says he is no longer required… Just as Steve Jobs is to Apple — Dana White’s passion and hard work has built an empire that will not be easily diminished. His admittance to this for me is the biggest proof that ego (as detractors have attempted to say) is not part of the equation when it comes to running his company.

The special continues to humanize the man that is Dana White. Love him or hate him, you can’t call Dana “a fake.” These six facts are just some of the treats you’ll find in the special. If you have AXS TV, we highly recommend you setting your DVR to record the replays.