Take it how you want. Anderson Silva has now admitted that he was not 100 percent coming into his title loss to Chris Weidman. Of course, no fighter ever is, but to what degree? The former champ gives an exact number (85 percent), which could be viewed as an excuse by some, or a simple answer to a question by the media during a recent press conference.

“It was good that you mentioned this because I was really hurt,” Silva told the media. “Nobody mentioned this yet, but that’s not an excuse for my performance. It was a below where I was injured for my first fight with Chael Sonnen. That’s it. I was at 85 percent of my physical condition … I can’t talk about this because anything I say can be used against me. It’s in the past. I’m okay now.”

As we had reported prior to the bout, there were rumors circulating that Silva had once again injured his ribs — similar to the one prior to his first fight against Chael Sonnen. Of course, the then champ would deny all rumors and claim to be 100 percent. Can we now believe Silva is 100 percent going into the rematch as he says?