When Anderson Silva was knocked out by Chris Weidman in the second round of UFC 162’s main event, some cheered, others were shocked, but everyone is anticipating the rematch. With Silva’s loss, a Superfight between Silva and Jon Jones or Georges St. Pierre is out of the picture. However, Dana White believes that a rematch between Silva and Weidman could bigger than either of the aforementioned Superfights. In a post-fight interview on MMAweekly, Dana White said that “Silva Weidman II is (expletive) massive,” and would have a following all over the world. Besides the USA, White believes this event would be huge in Brazil, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, as they all generally have high viewership for UFC events. The whole world watched as Weidman dethroned the king of the MMA world, and Dana White believes they would be just as excited to see him get a chance to reclaim his title. Many believe that Silva’s time had finally come to an end, while others thought he didn’t showcase his full fighting ability. No matter what, Dana White wouldn’t be the only one wanting to see a rematch between the former and current champion, as a second fight would put any controversy over the first to rest. The only variable is whether or not Anderson Silva is looking for a rematch, which he didn’t seem so keen on after the fight.