Years ago, a matchup between the legendary Anderson Silva and the brash Brit Michael Bisping was something one could only fantasize about. After all, the Brazilian was a seemingly unbeatable champ, and Bisping couldn’t string together enough wins to warrant a title shot. But now Silva has fallen back to Earth, and Bisping – well, Bisping still has a big mouth. So here we are, with the UFC announcing that Silva and Bisping will be headlining UFC Fight Night 83 on February 27 in London.

It’s a Christmas miracle!

Here’s what Bisping had to say about it on Twitter:

A couple things are pretty curious about the decision to pair these two longtime Octagon characters up. First, has Silva’s status really declined that much to have him finally face Bisping?

Second, this is a pretty marquee matchup (meaning both fighters have extremely recognizable names). Why put this on Fight Pass and not on a pay-per-view card? Is the UFC that intent on upping their subscription rate for the online broadcast platform?

Anyway, hooray for fun fights. Bisping gonna die, though.