Since his shocking knockout loss to Chris Weidman at UFC 162, Anderson Silva has largely kept his emotions in check during the few interviews he’s done, but in a more recent appearance on Brazilian TV, the legendary fighter broke down.

Silva was a guest on the “Legendários” program this past Saturday, and according to multiple reports (since the audio is in Portuguese), he was asked about the fight fixing rumors that have surrounded the July 6th fight. An emotional Silva apparently said the allegations upset him because of how they may reflect on Brazil, his home country. It’s a fascinating piece of footage, since the 38 year-old fighter is typically pretty reserved during interviews.

Of course, unless you haven’t been spending time with the internet for a few days now, you’re aware that Silva and Weidman will fight for the second time at UFC 168 on December 28th. That’s still over five months away….

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