Could it really be, could the fight all MMA fans have wanted to happen, actually be happening? Not quite, but we’re getting there. The question on everyone’s mind after Anderson Silva beat Chael Sonnen was who is left for him to fight? Hector Lombard was originally thought to be the next challenger in line. But that all changed when heavy underdog Tim Boetsch squelched those dreams for the time being, defeating him last weekend via split decision.

Although there is plenty going on the middleweight class, what with confirmed bouts between Michael Bisping and Brian Stann, and Vitor Belfort taking on Alan Belcher, but none of these fighters are quite up to Silva’s level. So who does that leave? Well, “The Spider’s” camp feels there’s truly only one man that could come close to Silva, and that man is Georges St. Pierre. Silva’s camp spoke with Tatame and had this to say about a possible match-up between the two somewhere down the line:

“That’s a big joke. Everybody saw that it worked for Chael, and he got really famous with that, and now everybody wants to be on the spotlight. No opponent makes sense for Anderson at this moment. Unless we do a catchweight against Georges St. Pierre. They didn’t offer the fight, but he’s the only one that could do a super fight. Anderson has the biggest paycheck in the UFC, and you can’t promote an event with these amateur kids that are coming up now.”

But for now, we’ll have to wait on this, and although GSP did say he would be willing to have a “superfight” against Silva, he would need plenty of time to prepare. Aside from that matter, St. Pierre already has Carlos Condit nipping at his heals to get back in the octagon and unify the welterweight title.