As fans, we want the best possible fights out of our champs. Sure, it’s amusing when Bellator puts together two washed-up fighters with high name-recognition, but dammit, when a UFC champ rides into battle to defend his belt, we want that champ – and the challenger – to be the best they possibly can be come fight time.

Unfortunately, it sounds like featherweight king Jose Aldo may not be in that condition when he and Conor McGregor meet at UFC 189.

Just a few days ago rumors were circulating that he’d broken a rib in training. Yesterday, the UFC their cards out on the table: Aldo had gotten a second opinion (I guess doctors in Brazil suck?), and he’d only suffered some bruising. His fight with McGregor was still on, but just in case, Chad Mendes was on standby.

I don’t know about you, but the prospect of seeing a Jose Aldo capable of performing at only a reduced capacity for violence, in what is the biggest fight in the history of the division, sort of diminishes the luster of the bout. After all, if McGregor wins, the storyline will be that he defeated an already-injured fighter (regardless of whether or not that’s true). Does anyone want that kind of baggage attached to his new belt? Does McGregor even want that?

So much many has been spent hyping this fight. The UFC took the unprecedented step of having a freakin’ world tour for these guys, and the vids they’ve produced and released make it seem like film director Michael Bay is about to put out another summer blockbuster. But the notion of Aldo nursing hurt ribs when he steps into the cage – and those ribs being the never-ending excuse to his loss – means that no matter what happens at UFC 189, it won’t be nearly as satisfying as if the fight were postponed.

What do you think? Should they still fight?