“Shogun” Rua may not have been viciously knocked out or brutally beat down by Chael Sonnen at UFC Fight Night 26, but the former champ was tapped out to mark his second straight loss. Since Rua has gone 2-3 now in his last 5  fights and has lost 4 of his last 6, more than a few people have to be wondering what the future holds for the 31 year-old vet.

Well, despite his latest setback, Rua clearly doesn’t believe his time as a top tier light-heavyweight has come to an end, as the fighter is already vowing he’ll be back. In a recent statement that was released by “Shogun” and his management team, the former PRIDE star was quoted saying (quotes thanks to MMA Junkie.com):

“I’m a very competitive guy, who hates being defeated. I know I did everything I should have done in preparation, but Sonnen was better in our fight; credit goes to him. Unfortunately, in fighting, we have to wait a long time for redemption. In soccer, you may lose on Sunday and win on Wednesday, and everything is OK. I’ll go home, see what went wrong in the fight and train hard so this error does not happen again,”

“I have an 11-year career in MMA/Vale Tudo and I am an accomplished athlete; I achieved everything I ever wanted. I’ve reached all my dreams, and I still fight because I want to live them again. I still plan on many victories and becoming world champion again. I will be the one who decides when to stop, no one else. Thankfully, I am financially stable and these days I fight because I love it”

So, if you’re a “Shogun” fan this has to be positive news, as clearly the vet isn’t questioning his abilities to compete at a high level and is still passionate about fighting (otherwise you’d assume they wouldn’t bother with the statement). Now it will be interesting to see what the UFC decides to do next with Rua, and how he performs.