Tim Boetsch was a grizzled old man when he was ragdolling dudes into the Octagon fence back in 2010. He hasn’t gotten any younger since then, only more grizzled.

Antonio Carlos Jr., a.k.a, “Shoeface”, won TUF Brasil 3, has struggled in the Octagon proper against the tougher middleweights, but has no problem beating scrubs. What happens when you pair these two together?

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From the outset, it’s clear Boetsch is slower and less capable at throwing strikes than the Brazilian, because man does Shoeface nail him with kicks and combos while Boetsch swings at the air. Things go from bad to worse for the American once Carlos Jr. closes the distance, ties him up and slams him. Because while Boetsch tries to muscle up to his feet, Shoeface starts wailing on him, secures the hooks, and slips on the choke. Boetsch is left with no choice but to tap out.


Results: Antonio Carlos Jr. def. Tim Boetsch via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:28, R1