You know a fight was one for the ages when three days later, the internet is still filled with stories about it, and people are clamouring to digest various takes on the scrap. Even if you somehow missed Jon Jones-Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165, but have spent five minutes surfing the web, you know it was pretty, pretty, big deal. If a rematch gets booked in the coming months, it’s going to get even crazier.

One of the latest key figures to weigh in on the bout is Jones’ trainer Greg Jackson, who knows a few things about this stuff some folks call ‘ultimate fighting.’ If you didn’t realize, Jackson wasn’t in the corner of the light-heavyweight champ because they were only allowed three cornermen, and apparently there was some sort of mix up.  Naturally, Jackson did the best he could to still yell instructions to Jones from where he was sitting.

In a follow up report from MMA Fighting, Jackson was asked if he was surprised by how competitive the fight was, as after all, not too many people were predicting Gustafsson would come that close to winning.

“Just because I’ve been in the corner so many, so many times, I’ve seen it happen where everybody says there’s no way this guy is going to win, there’s no way, and then he goes in there and gives a great battle and makes it a great competitive fight,” Jackson said. “So, I wasn’t shocked at all. I know Alexander’s great, I’ve studied him a lot. It wasn’t like terribly shocking.

“Certainly I wanted it to be a lot more one-sided than it was, but no I wasn’t shocked or anything like that. It’s just too many years and god knows how many corners I’ve been in, I’ve been in too much to be like, my goodness, what’s happening?”

Jackson also credited Jones for the “spirit” and “heart” he demonstrated during the bout, which saw him get bloodied and bruised by several hard punches from “The Mauler.” The renowned coach also added that he believes Jones should take some time off so that he can heal up before

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