Shane Carwin was supposed to take on current heavyweight champ Brok Lesnar a few UFC PPV’s ago but due to the champs illness the fight never happened. The other man who seems to be obsessed with a rubber match with the champ, fresh of an impressive KO victory of Cheick Congo at UFC 107, Frank Mir.

Mir appears to have found a new source of inspiration from his vicious loss at the hands of Lesnar – he has been hard at work reinventing himself in preparation for what he hopes will be a rematch and a chance to regain some kind of something from Lesnar. He has packed on tons of muscle and looked impressive in the short fight with congo.

So why not pit Shane Carwin and Frank Mir against eachother in the mean time? Well – Carwin has already answered that question, and we can all bet Mir would be up for it. The wait now is on the UFC to make it official.

Shane Carwin on a fight with Frank Mir:

“The main question I am getting is would I fight Frank? The answer is easy YES. I am not a fighter who decides who he fights, I fight who I am told to fight. I like it that way, I am not trying to build a legacy I am trying to fight the best fighters in the World and determine where I fit in. Mir is a multiple time Champion, who has been counted out more than Mike Tyson to only find himself right back at the top. He is a LEGEND of the sport and I would be honored to fight him.”