Much is made of Yoshihiro Akiyama’s resilience and savvy in the cage, but really, what’s understated is his good looks and ability with the women.

Unfortunately, those traits weren’t enough to carry the day against Alberto Mina at this morning’s UFC Fight Night 79.

It started off as a game of inches, with Mina and Akiyama banging it out like two guys who wanted to get in and get out of the Octagon fast. Mina edged ahead by the end of the first round; however, Round 2 was all about “Sexyama” chipping away at his foe’s lead leg and scoring with his boxing – that is, until Mina clipped him and nearly put him away at the end of the frame.

Akiyama was barely saved by the bell.

The third round was all Akiyama though, with a few more leg-kicks turning Mina into a butt scooter. Despite this, it was likely that Akiyama needed a finish to come out on top, and when that finish didn’t come – and the judges’ scorecards were read – that likeliness became a reality.

Mina took the split decision.