Living in the shadow of an older brother who is the king of a UFC division must suck, and if you’re Sergio Pettis – a fighter who just can’t quite find his footing in the Octagon while sibling Anthony shines – the word “suck” probably is an understatement. Case in point: Sergio’s performance tonight at UFC 185, which saw him do everything right against over-matched opponent Ryan Benoit for about six and a half minutes of fighting until BLAMMO! Benoit nailed him with a hook, dropped him, and pounded him out.

To add insult to injury, the fallen Pettis was the recipient of a post-fight boot to the butt, courtesy of an over-hyped Benoit who didn’t care that the ref had stopped the fight.

Cagefighting is a business fraught with peril. And if you’re the younger brother of a champ who seemingly can do no wrong, those UFC ass-kickings carry a sting ten times worse.

Maybe Sergio can work in Anthony’s barbershop instead?