The first international season of the Ultimate fighter was such a success that there is already talks of a second season in Brazil. UFC executive Marshall Zelaznik announced that the second series is already in the planning stage. He did not give a time frame on a return, or coaches for that matter, but he hopes to start filming next January so the show could air in March. This would tend to show that the show would fall to the tape delayed format, and not continue on with the live fights which aired in the first season.

The early announcement comes to no surprise for those that know how well the show has performed. While airing on a Sunday night it is said that over 10 million people have tuned in for the show on a weekly basis. Even the online airing garnered over 100,000 viewers, and when you think about it that is more than one-tenth that tuned in for the first FX season of The Ultimate Fighter.

For those of you that cannot get enough of the reality show, you can look forward to over five different versions of it next year. According to Zelaznik there is talks for over five seasons to be produced in 2013. So, while it can be said that the US version of the show has floundered as of late, the show is not dead. With the UFC reaching so many new markets, it is only a matter of time until The Ultimate Fighter reaches those fans as well.