Not that anyone ever did, but after tonight, there is no way in the world you can question Scott Jorgensen’s heart.

In fact, he might have too much of it.

Taking on Alejandro Perez on the prelims of UFC Fight Night 78 tonight, Jorgensen started off every bit as dangerous as he’s always been, blending his wrestler’s intensity with a multitude of offense. But in the waning seconds of the first round, Perez landed a hard kick to Jorgensen’s leg, and the former WEC star was instantly hobbled – so hobbled that he never even made it back to his own corner (his cornermen tended to him where he stood).

When the second round began, it was clear Jorgensen’s leg was a mess, as whenever he tried to put weight on it, it buckled.

“Can you continue?” the referee asked again and again, and Jorgensen answered by doing his best to keep fighting.

A one-legged fighter can only do so much in the cage, though, and for every punch he threw and half-assed takedown he attempted, Perez was able to counter easily and pound on him.

The bout SHOULD have been called when it was apparent Jorgensen was injured, but the referee mistakenly let it go on, and what we got was a spectacle. An awful, painful spectacle.

The end came at 4:26 of Round 2, when Jorgensen attempted to throw a kick and his support leg (the injured leg) gave out once and for all. He tapped, and it was all over.