It wasn’t too long ago that le mal du jour of the MMA world, generating all sorts of negative digital ink from the ills is caused our sport. Now, however, it’s all about the Reebok sponsorship deal, and how fighters are suddenly taking a big financial hit. The latest pugilistic to pontificate pessimistically: Sara McMann.

As per MMAFighting:

“I feel like this is a really touchy subject just because if you look at the numbers and you look at the facts, there could be a strong case for gender inequity in the way this deal is presented,” McMann said. “I think the UFC and Reebok would never want to be perceived as somebody who was treating an entire gender poorly.”

McMann said she will be speaking to a lawyer, one who has experience in Title IX cases, about the situation and then will take her gripe to the UFC. Title IX is a federal civil rights law that prohibits gender discrimination in education, mostly college athletics.

“Gender equity is a very big deal,” McMann said. “I’m not gonna come and make statements if I don’t actually have backing, if I’m not in the right. I’m not gonna pitch a fit and throw a tantrum. I’m gonna come intelligently and say that really is not fair.”

Whenever aggrieved parties start bringing federal law into the discussion, I’m reminded of the time when Zuffa unilaterally banned all MMA media from getting credentialed to their shows. So many reporters brought up the (far-fetched) idea that it was an impingement of their First Amendment right to freedom of speech. So many. And they were all wrong, with the “wrongness” borne of being suddenly hurt by something they ultimately had no control over.

In other words, good luck with that Title IX lawsuit, Sara.