Ronda Rousey got her ass kicked by Holly Holm. At some point prior to that, though, Rousey kicked Sara McMann’s ass.

And long before that, both Rousey and McMann were Olympians, competing in judo and wrestling, respectively. What does that have to do with anything? According to McMann, it means that all the naysayers who say Rousey will have a tough time bouncing back from the Holm defeat don’t know crap about what they’re talking about.

As per MMAFighting:

“As somebody who is an Olympic athlete, who is also an Olympic medalist and a tournament athlete, it’s completely insulting to me,” McMann told MMA Fighting. “It shows that people do not even understand what Ronda has actually done before. She got a bronze medal in the Olympics. That means she lost her Olympic dream, had her entire world crushed knowing she wasn’t going to be an Olympic gold medalist and she rallied the troops and came back and got a bronze. In a matter of hours, she got herself back together.

“That’s how you get to that level. It was really, really frustrating to me. Don’t think that she’s not resilient and she can’t adapt to those circumstances.”

So to the haters, McMann’s got something for you, and it’s either a middle finger or a lateral drop. Maybe both.