As Diego Sanchez looks to make his return to the octagon against Jake Ellenberger in his opponents back yard tomorrow, he is still asked questions about his past adversary Nick Diaz.

“All you little people out there that are Nick Diaz groupies: I beat him then, I’ll beat him again,” Sanchez told MMAWeekly Radio Weekend Edition. “I don’t know why you guys say this crap. ‘Oh, that was a long time ago! Nick Diaz has gotten so much better.’ You know what, man?! Everybody’s gotten better! That’s what happens!

I commend Nick Diaz for everything he’s done, and he did take it to B.J., but the B.J. that fought Nick Diaz was not the B.J. that fought me,” he proclaimed. “I wish I could have fought that B.J.

The guy is the most negative guy in the sport, and I would love to put a whooping on him again,” Sanchez said. “I’m still the Diego Sanchez who can take down Nick Diaz and his ‘blanky’ legs.”