Melvin Guillard caused a bit of stir this week when he reportedly said he would have “dropped” either Diego Sanchez or Gilbert Melendez, while discussing their thrilling UFC 166 war. Not only that, but Guillard added that “I used to drop Diego Sanchez in practice all the time. When I hit people, I hurt people.” Well, it sounds like Mr. Sanchez doesn’t recall his sparring sessions with Guillard going the same way…

After hearing about Guillard’s comments, “The Dream” took to Twitter and posted:

never ounce @Young__Assassin why you trying to get attention by making up fake stories? Im not even gonna start with you OK

@GilbertMelendez @mmacoachwink & everybody @JacksonsMMA know the truth your full of shit melv & never dropped me!

Sanchez and Guillard used to train with each other when the latter was still at Jackson’s MMA in New Mexico. “The Young Assassin” then proceeded to tweet the following responses:

The media twisting my words that’s why I hate giving interviews now I’m a fighter what you expect me to say that this guys would wipe my ass

Omg people I’m a fighter remember we fight stop taking everything out of context please I ment nothing by that ok we fight that’s what we do

So, there you have it. Whether Guillard in fact dropped the ridiculously rugged Sanchez in practice or not, doesn’t change the fact that Ross Pearson will be looking to avoid as many of his punches as possible at UFC FN 30.

The two will throw down in the card’s co-main-event tomorrow, which will be hosted by Manchester’s Phones 4u Arena. It’s a match-up that definitely has “FOTN” potential.

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