It’s hard to argue with results, and “Smiling” Sam Alvey is certainly getting results. At UFC Fight Night 65 tonight, the Team Quest standout notched another impressive win in the cage, utterly smashing Dan Kelly in 49 seconds with the same unassuming demeanor and deceptively destructive fists that had him destroying his last two opponents in the Octagon. The underlying message behind Alvey’s shocking (and violent) success is clear: SCRUBS BEWARE.

Seriously, anyone considered among the top of the division would probably prove too much for the affable Alvey. Luke Rockhold would beat him without breaking a sweat, Vitor Belfort would likely need only one or two injections of SuperSoldier Serum, and never mind what Chris Weidman would do to him.

But when it comes to the likes of Dylan Andrews, Cezar Ferreira and Kelly, whoa baby. Alvey is collecting scalps! And that’s perfectly fine. There’s plenty of room in the UFC for guys who will never fight for the belt but who can provide excitement. and that’s Alvey in a nutshell.

Who should he fight next? Another scrub, of course.