I got to witness the strangeness that is Sage Northcutt in person this past week, thanks to covering UFC on FOX 18 live and seeing the young lad at the open workouts. He is legit a wholesome slice of innocence and “gosh-golly, sir” – which is fine. The sport needs all kinds of personalities to make it interesting.

What it doesn’t need is the entire world hating on a 19-year-old kid because the UFC promoted him hard before he was ready. Sure, Northcutt lost on Saturday, and sure, he’s lacking in the kind of grappling skills that just about everyone else in the UFC has, but it’s not his fault the UFC threw stacks and stacks of money at him – he just did what you and I would’ve done in that position. When offered the opportunity of a lifetime, he said “yes”.

Anyway, Northcutt has resurfaced and posted the following to his fans.

He will totally be back.