It’s hard to get a read on the enigma known as Sage Northcutt.

On the one hand, he’s clearly a capable fighter, as evidenced by his ability to sufficiently impress Dana White in a minor league show to¬†earn a spot in the UFC, and secure two wins in the Octagon with that opportunity. But on the other hand, he looks like a mad scientist somehow genetically condensed a 1990s boy band into a single mixed martial artist, and he acts like every day is the greatest day of his life.

Seriously, I’m not 100% sure he isn’t a space alien.

For example, at today’s open workouts at the UFC Gym in Hoboken, N.J., which precede Saturday night’s UFC on FOX 18 in Newark, Northcutt was asked his thoughts all the haters who’ve come out of the woodwork to levy words unkind at him. His response:

“A lot of times, anything someone tries to say negative, it’s actually kind of funny. I really don’t listen to any of the negative stuff. If it’s positive, that’s the kind of stuff I’m listening to, that’s kind of like what brings you up. There’s always a positive side and a negative side – you just choose which one you want to listen to.”

Good grief.

Watch the video below and come to your own conclusions.