Anointed star-in-the-making Sage Northcutt pulled off the win via submission tonight, but he did so with some pretty blatant help from the referee.

Few gave Cody Pfister a chance when this bout was announced, yet he wasted no time trying to prove the doubters wrong by taking Northcutt down and working to pass guard.

Unfortunately, his work wasn’t enough for the ref, who stood them up after too short a period if time (and despite the fact that Pfister had improved position). It was a very bad call, and Northcutt made the most of it with a hard takedown of his own and some ground and pound. The round ended with Pfister in survival mode.

Round 2 saw Pfister again go for the takedown, only this time Northcutt managed to slip on the guillotine and get the tap.

Boo on the ref for that crap. Boo.