It used to be that seeing a fighter jacked to hell with all sorts of muscles normal humans usually don’t possess was a sign of performance-enhancing drug use. But we’re in a new age now, an era when the USADA has been tasked with testing fighters left and right for PED use, and the number of cheaters caught paints a vivid picture of the USADA’s effectiveness.

Which is why, when red-hot prospect Sage Northcutt posts a photo of himself looking like a superhero on his Instagram, we don’t have to automatically think he’s drugs.

Gaze at the pic below.

Go team Labrada! #teamlabrada #leanbodynation

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Just a year ago, a pic like that would’ve caused all sorts of speculation. But a simple search of the USADA’s website shows us that Northcutt has been tested for PED use four times already.


Think he’s one anything other than protein powder and clean eating? I don’t. Fighters are getting screened more and more, and the cheaters are getting caught.

Welcome to the USADA ere of mixed martial arts.