BJ Penn Rvca

BJ Penn’s main sponsor has been welcomed back as an official Sponsor to the UFC, as BJ Penn verified recently during an IGN.COM interview.

IGN: RVCA clothing was recently banned from sponsorships inside the UFC. You’ve always been related to RVCA, they’ve got you on their website. Has that decision been a problem for you?

Penn: No, RVCA are actually back with the UFC, and they’re going to be back for my next fight. It’s all good.

If you had not heard, the brand was banned from UFC after sponsoring Strikeforce heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko for his Bret Rogers bout. BJ Penn was left without his main sponsor for his recent win over Diego Sanchez. Shortly after, it was reported that RVCA dropped Emelianenko to return to the UFC. Great news for Penn as he will be sporting his  RVCA apparel once again.