Not the best news to hear just a week out from UFC 151: Henderson vs. Jones. The rumor goes like so. Dan Henderson was ‘reportedly’ taken to the doctors after suffering a knee injury in grappling with Thierry Sokoudjou last night (Aug. 22). Henderson returned from the doctors office with a leg brace securing the injury. That is not the end of the rumor however. Henderson also reportedly has not been approved for his TRT exemption as of now. When attempts to contact the UFC and Henderson camp were made by the onslaught of media, they received no response (usually a bad signal) – not even from the usually reassuring Dana White. One person did finally break the silence, and that was Henderson himself.

Just got done with a great training session with the boys. @CyrilleDiabate @tarecfighter @heathlsims @RFBJJ @rockholdMMA

Only problem here is that Saffeidine denies the alleged workout, giving credence to the rumors.

Nathan Awesome ‏@nathangielis
Dan tweets about his great training session w/ Tarec, 25mins ago Tarec tweets he hasn’t seen Dan since Saturday….

Tarec Saffiedine ‏@tarecfighter
je ne sais pas, je ne l ai pas vu depuis mon combat, jespere que cest juste une rumeure!
haven’t seen him since my fight. Idk, hope its not true!

Nathan Awesome ‏@nathangielis
Dan tweets about his great training session w/ Tarec, 25mins ago Tarec tweets he hasn’t seen Dan since Saturday…

From what it sounds like, Henderson may have likely suffered a knee injury and is still planning to fight through the injury as many fighters do. Henderson and the UFC may also be waiting on a second opinion or results from his visit. Here’s the press tweetathon that kicked off the rumors.

Kenny Florian ‏@kennyflorian
Hearing that we may have some disappointed @UFC fans soon due to some unfortunate circumstances for an upcoming card

Luke Thomas ‏@SBNLukeThomas
@KCBanditMMA @jamiekilstein if what I’m hearing is correct, it’s so much worse than what is even being rumored on Twitter.

Luke Thomas ‏@SBNLukeThomas
@Jdiddy381 @KCBanditMMA @jamiekilstein again, I’m not talking about Hendo’s health when I say the matter is ‘worse’. Relax, people.

Jeremy Botter ‏@jeremybotter
If what I’m hearing is correct, UFC 151 may be in desperate need of a main event. And that sucks.

Matt Lindland ‏@mattlindland
Rumor? @MattHawryluk94: @tarecfighter rumor is Hendo is out with a knee injury, please tell me it is not true!

Adam Martin ‏@MMAdamMartin
I am hearing that Dan Henderson may have injured his knee, but is unclear as of this moment whether he has pulled out of the Jon Jones fight

FrontRowBrian FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
Rumor going around Hendo was injured by Thierry Sokoudjou at some point in this camp. Appears he’ll press on.. if he has to crawl to cage.
Someone described the brace Hendo is wearing as a “Stone Cold Steve Austin brace”.

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
Regarding Hendo. Everyone who would know that I know isn’t talking. Dana not talking. Something is up.

My super secret sources tell me that there could, or perhaps could not, be something going on regarding a fight that is coming up.

Hendo pays to have his levels checked regularly. Doubt it’s that.

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
translated, Hendo’s BJJ coach says “bad day, and with a really tough decision to be made”