Let me start by saying this is not my opinion, nor my publications belief. We are simply relaying a rumor that has become an elephant in the room (or cage). Strap on your tinfoil cap folks.

Translated from an alleged talk with close friend and sensei to Anderson Silva, Antonio “Minotauro” Nogueira.

“If people knew what really happened in the defeat of Anderson, they would be disgusted said Minotauro.”

Of course the alleged comments have caused an uproar of media investigations, spearheaded by The Wall Street Journal and the Sports Gazette, which has now helped fuel the circulation of quite an interesting story.


Anderson Silva has sold (out) his UFC title. During a private meeting between Anderson, UFC president Dana White, Pedro Rizzo and UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta, Silva was said to have been asked to lose via decision to Chris Weidman. Initially it is said that Anderson did not agree to the offers made in order to throw the fight.

It was not until Silva’s Nike sponsorship was threatened to be pulled if he did not agree to the loss, when he agreed to the details.  Reportedly Silva has made 90 million grossed  thus far with Nike. The final agreement is said to include: every member in the Silva camp given $70,000 in hush money, plus a “bonus” $400,000 for the team as a whole and finally $23 million handed to Silva from Nike. Again, the plan was for Silva to lose by decision, however the source says Weidman had other plans.

REMINDER, this is unverified and only a RUMOR.

Source: BJJEE