It’s hard to argue against Anthony “Rumble” Johnson’s skill and ability and ranking in the light-heavyweight division. He’s a dangerous man, and a top contender who, though unlikely to ever defeat champ Daniel Cormier, is doom for every other man in the weight class.

Just ask Jimi Manuwa.

For the entirety of the first round of their UFC 191 clash, Manuwa was always just one punch away from slumber. Yes, he fired off high-kicks, and did his best to penetrate his foe’s defenses and score some KO glory of his own. But he was out-classed and out-gunned – two facts that were clear from the outset…

…And made reality just 28 seconds into Round 2, courtesy of Rumble’s superior boxing skills and power.

He may be a ticking timebomb of anger management issues and domestic violence, but Rumble is the truth in the Octagon.