Roy Nelson likes to entertain.

“Big Country” has taken fights to the extreme in the past, standing and trading with some of the very best heavyweights in the world.

At UFC Fight Night 82, though, Nelson was left to chase Jared Rosholt – and he was not too happy about it.

“I wanted to reignite the fans,” Nelson said. “I try to give the fans exactly what they want: an explosion, fun fight to watch.”

Instead, Rosholt tried to turn the three-round contest into a grappling affair.

“Jared is a great athlete, but he’s not a fighter,” Nelson said. “I think I showed that to the UFC world; that he’s a great athlete, but when you’ve got a fight, you have to fight.”

The two combined to land just 78 total strikes, as the former Oklahoma State University three-time All-American wrestler constantly worked on bringing Nelson to the ground. He failed in that aspect several times, as the 39-year-old confirmed after.

“You didn’t see me get pushed up against the cage and grinded out. I wasn’t laying on the bottom,” Nelson said. “I started doing jiu-jitsu again (in my training camp). I did more combos. But….I couldn’t open up because Jared was not there because he ran.

“As soon as I threw it or went forward, he was already cutting off to the left.”