If you’re confused about Roy Nelson calling out Brock Lesnar for a fight, you’d have every right to be, as Lesnar isn’t even signed with the UFC anymore. But Nelson is adamant about being the one to “welcome Brock back” into the UFC.

Nelson spoke yesterday on HDNet’s “Inside MMA,” about his recent win over Dave Herman last Saturday at UFC 146, and how plans to get a fight with Lesnar.

“You know what? Brock coming back, if he does come back, I would love to welcome him back to the UFC. That was a fight that I actually called him out on ESPN, before. But if they actually make him come back, or if he actually thinks about coming back, he’ll probably come back to fight Frank Mir, because I think that’s the only fight he thinks he can win. But, you know what? I would love to have that fight with Brock.”

Nelson joked about Lesnar’s potential comeback, and when asked if he thought Brock should get a shot a Mark Hunt for his first bout back, he laughed and then went on to imply no matter what, if Lesnar won the bout he would get a title shot right away.

“You know, if fans wanted to see it, fighting Mark Hunt would be good. But all you have to do is fight anyone in the UFC and that will give you the next title shot.”

If you were watching the fights on Saturday, then you probably noticed Nelson screaming something at Dana White and fellow UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta, after his win over Herman. When asked what was said at the post-fight press conference, White pretty much said you’d have to ask Big Country himself.

“You know, this is a family show, so I wouldn’t be able to tell ya. You’d have to go to RoyNelson.com, or buy my new book that’s coming out. The ‘PG’ version would be, ‘beep beep beep beep.'”

It’s almost official that Cain Valasquez will be getting a rematch against heavyweight champ Junior Dos Santos. Roy was asked how he felt about this, being that the last time he fought JDS it didn’t go so well for him, ending in a unanimous decision for his opponent.

“Is that upsetting? No, not really. The way you gotta look at it, you know, Cain fought ‘Bigfoot,’ and that was the guy I was supposed to fight. So if I woulda fought ‘Bigfoot’ and won, I woulda got the title shot. That’s how it works in MMA.”


Source: MMA Mania