Former Ultimate Fighter winner Roy Nelson wants everybody to know he is “not just a pretty face.”

Nelson, who will face Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira later this year in Abu Dhabi, made it known recently that he put in an application to become the new executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission.

While many, including UFC president Dana White, shot down the notion, “Big Country” appears to have his mind set on a future office – political or otherwise.

“I definitely envision myself in politics at some point,” said Nelson, in an interview with “I was just looking at 2014 and 2016 tickets and what official positions are up for election. I have ties to the community in a political sense.

“I’m more than a fighter, and not just a pretty face.”

Nelson also stated that he hasn’t heard back from the athletic commission regarding his desire for the job, but “it’s a process and I’m sure they have plenty of other applications they have to review besides me.”

As for his current job and next opponent, Nelson appears to be excited about facing Nogueira – another former UFC champion to stand across from him.

“I’ve always looked up to Big Nog,” he said. “He’s a legend in the sport and has the mentality that so many fans love. He’s a man’s man and a real fighter.”