The old ‘weak in the knees’ from sex rule seems to only apply to men, according to UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey, as she explained to The Jim Rome Show. According to the brash armbar queen, sex before a fight is an important aspect to female MMA.

“For girls, it raises your testosterone, so I try to have as much sex as possible before I fight, actually. Not with like everybody. I don’t put out like a Craigslist ad or anything, but if I got a steady I’m going to be like ‘yo, fight time’s coming up,’” Rousey said with a laugh.”

“But there are always drawbacks, as Rousey put it bluntly, “You can’t (expletive) somebody and go fight that day.”

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The newly signed UFC talent didn’t just talk sex either, as she shares her opinion on St-Pierre’s recent comments on female MMA.

“Initially the way that he said it, it reminds me a lot like when you listen to boxing fans that are like ‘oh, the MMA fighters, they’re good athletes, and they’re talented and good for them, but I can’t stand to see guys humping on the ground like that, it’s not a real man’s sport, good for them that they make money’ that kind of prejudice against it,” Rousey stated.”

“He seems to have very much that same kind of prejudice towards women in MMA, and he said it as tactfully as possible, that doesn’t make it a tactful thing to say.”

“People were getting mad at me for being, like, that’s wrong. But if there’s an absence of debate, I think that just pretty much means acceptance of it,” said Rousey. “These girls when they go out to fight, they’re pouring their hearts out, they deserve to be celebrated and not just merely tolerated.”

The biggest news as of recent to shake up the industry was Rousey’s signing to the formerly all mens UFC.

“There’s so much more that I want to do, that like once it happened I was like ‘yes this is amazing!’ And then right after I’m like now I have to fight, now I have to do this, so I’m very, very excited, but I really didn’t spend that much time dwelling on it because there’s so many more things that I have to get done now that that’s happened,” Rousey stated.

“I need to prepare for my fight coming up. I can’t just sit around and do a little dance about getting signed, I’ve got to win my fight.”