Undefeated Cat Zingano, (8-0) may have received some bad news, shortly after earning coaching duties on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. CagedInsider.com has learned that her upcoming opponent, UFC female bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey is very excited to finally return to facing-off against a south paw in Zingano, as her life-long training in Judo has always kept her comfort zone against the more rare south stance.

“Her stance, she’s a south-paw,” said Rousey in regards to Zingano. “In Judo that was the stance I was use to fighting my whole life. If you’re right handed, that’s the way we stand in Judo. I’m very much looking forward to¬† that fight, turning to what’s comfortable. I kind of had to relearn to fight people in an opposite stance. So yeah, I’m really looking forward to setting up a whole lot more creative takedowns from that side.”

What that means is we may in fact see yet another high level of Olympic Judo that Rousey has not shown us, or perhaps anyone in the sport. Not to say that Rousey does not respect her new opponents skills.

“Technically Kat has a better record than I do. She’s 8-0 and I’m 7-0. [On both of them being undefeated in title fight] This is something very uncommon and very special. I think Rashad and Lyoto were the only other ones.”

“I was really impressed with Kat tonight. I saw a lot of things that were helpful. I’m glad I came and saw it live.”

“I always said the fight that I wanted most was Kat. I’m glad that we are going to actually be fighting. On the show I would of enjoyed tormenting Miesha.”

Photographer: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports