Since her induction into the UFC and her bout winning her the title of Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey has been spearheading the Woman’s MMA effort in the mainstream media. With her undefeated record, Rousey has risen to the top of the WMMA world and has broken down barriers for women who want to make a living out of mixed martial arts. She even has an opportunity to coach on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. Although she doesn’t take complete credit for bringing WMMA into the limelight, and acknowledges everything fighters like Gina Carano did for the sport, she recently expressed some small dissatisfaction with the lack of credit she is receiving from her fellow female fighters. As she recently told Bleacher Report,

“It’s amazing and it really works out fortunately that these girls are a lot better off now, it’s great that women can actually make careers now in mixed martial arts and make good money doing what they love to do. But I know they haven’t really given me very many props for it, and that’s cool because I haven’t done it for appreciation. I’ve done it for myself and I have my own selfish motives too.”

It is understandable that due to Rousey being the target for other women to take down, along with all her trash talking, that other WMMA fighters may not feel so gracious towards her. It is however undeniable that Rousey was the star that Dana White has been waiting for to make UFC’s jump into the world of WMMA. She is marketable, qualified, a vicious fighter, and knows how to sell a fight. To put it bluntly, people like watching her rip other girls’ arms off, and they will pay good money to see it.