Love her or hate her, Ronda Rousey has proven to be an armbar specialist. During a recent interview with, Rousey touched on the UFC 152 headline bout between Vitor Belfort and Jon Jones.

“I don’t know that he did anything wrong. I mean I would have probably would of went out the back the way Vinny [Magalhaes] did earlier that night. As opposed to trying to do the armbar straight from that position. I probably would of tried to off balance Jon towards the front and go out the back and fall out like that. Instead of letting him stand up straight and being to pick-up and slam like that. “

Rousey also went on to compliment Jones on his heart as a champion, mentioning that she had suffered dislocated elbows to both arms, while winning the judo fights.

“I’ve had both my elbows disclocated,” said Ronda Rousey. “I know exactly what that feels like. It hurts. It just hurts.

“I remember I got arm barred the first time and I remember being like ‘well, it’s already out, so I might as well try to get out, because it’s not going to get even more dislocated’ – that was my thought. And I tried getting out and it went back in, and then she popped it out again. So it is possible to get even more dislocated. But I ended up winning that fight.Plus in Judo, I had to fight several more times that day. It was a gnarly day. Not everybody has that mentality where they are just like – no. You know what I mean?”