Ross Pearson has taken the necessary steps to get his loss overturned by the New Mexico Athletic Commission, though it is unlikely to happen.

Pearson was on the wrong end of a decision loss to Diego Sanchez this past Saturday night in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 42. According to the Telegraph, Pearson and his coach, Eric Del Fierre, have filed an appeal with the commission.

Typically, the commission only reverses results if there is a failed drug test or mistakes by the referee during the fight. So far, neither of those have come about.

Most watching the fight scored it for Pearson, as he controlled much of the action. The fight did take place in the hometown of Sanchez, who snapped a two-fight losing skid with the win.

Judge Jeff Collins had it for Sanchez, 30-27, meaning he gave the fighter all three rounds. That would include the second, a round where Pearson dropped him and almost finished him with strikes. Chris Tellez had it 29-28 for Sanchez, while the third, Marcos Rosalez, had it 30-27 for Pearson.

Pearson remained quiet on Twitter following the result, but has since stated that he re-watched the fight and still cannot believe the decision rendered.

“Just watched the fight I controlled the pace made him miss countered his attacks done more damage stuck to my game plan,” he posted, “I WON that fight!”

Del Fiero took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the decision, stating, “We have had some bad (decisions) in the sport, I never criticize judges but damn I need a shower. That was just dirty.” He also had a simple post of “ouch” and stated that he “found the guy selling blue meth to New Mexico commission” in a reference to the hit series “Breaking Bad.”