UFC welterweight contender Rory MacDonald is known for his “death stare” prior to his MMA bouts, but in his social media accounts, he’s taking it to a whole new level.

The British Columbia native, now fighting out of Quebec, could be seen staring through the scope of a new 30-06 rifle in a pic on his Instagram account on Saturday — proving that UFC titles aren’t the only thing he’s hunting of late.

First shots with the new 30-06 setup

MacDonald, who garnered “Performance of the Night” honors in his TKO victory over Tarec Saffiedine in his last Octagon appearance, is said to be next in line for a UFC Welterweight title shot. According to UFC President Dana White, that opportunity will come in MacDonald’s home country of Canada sometime next year.

But next for the man they call “Ares” is a departure: a match for the jiu-jitsu promotion Metamoris, where he will face JT Torres in a no-gi match next month.

Torres is a black belt world champion in no-gi jiu-jitsu competition, with gold medals at both the Pans (in 2010) and Worlds (in 2013). MacDonald was awarded a black belt by trainer David Lea in 2012, but has never competed in a major jiu-jitsu competition.

“JT is really a sport jiu-jitsu player, so he’s 100% focused on that,” MacDonald said in a Metamoris promotional interview. “Whereas me, I’m spreading myself all over the mat… it will be interesting stepping out of that circle and going into JT’s world. It’s going to be a fun experience for me as a martial artist — to see where my jiu-jitsu is at, at the highest level.”

The match will take place November 22, and will be available via webcast.

A preview video from Metamoris was uploaded last week: