Although Ronda Rousey has armbarred her way to the top of the MMA world, and has become a mainstream star as well, the 26 year-old says her fighting days might be over a lot sooner than most people likely thought.

While speaking to MMA recently, the UFC’s bantamweight champ revealed the following about her fighting career:

“I said from the beginning that I wok in quadrennials,” Rousey said, who is scheduled to fight Miesha Tate for a second time on December 28th. “I do four-year cycles. I think I’ve got two years left in me, realistically, if I’m going to do this like an Olympic run.”

Of course, since Rousey has become one of MMA’s biggest names and is moving into acting (she’s been cast in The Expendables 3 and could be cast in Fast and Furious 7), she has some other options other than battling someone in a cage.

“I think one profession has a much-longer shelf life than the other,” said Rousey, who submitted Liz Carmouche in her last outing at UFC 157. “My last fight, I was kind of forced to face my mortality a little bit. I had an air of invincibility about me, and I was kind of forced to realize statistically there is a chance you could get permanently hurt or even die. There’s only so many times you can roll the dice.”

“I’d say two more years, so I’ve got two more years to get the ball rolling without me,” Rousey said. “‘TUF’ was the first step. It’s not the last one, but the work’s getting done.”

Wow. That’s probably not the kind of stuff the UFC or Rousey’s extensive fanbase wants to hear, but not every fighter gets the kind of opportunities “Rowdy” has coming her way.

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