Remember when a few months back, Ronda Rousey’s mother blasted Edmond Tarverdyan? Well, it looks like that opinion hasn’t changed much, since her daughter suffered her first defeat…

Back in October, Rousey’s mom,¬†AnnMaria De Mars, made headlines by calling Tarverdyan a “bad person” and a “terrible coach”. The comments dropped jaws throughout the sport. For some, it raised questions as to how Rousey’s camp was going, as her bout with Holly Holm approached. Well, we all know how things went down at UFC 193.

Following Rousey’s KO loss, Tarverdyan has taken a ton of heat, but “Rowdy” has already said she’ll remain with the striking coach. Clearly that isn’t sitting too well with De Mars. Recently the Judoka appeared on Submission Radio, and she had this to say about Mr. Tarverdyan and her daughter’s loss (quote via MMA

“I predicted it in advance,” De Mars said. “Ronda trained with an idiot. She trained with an idiot and a fraud. I would be shocked to find out that guy has any record at all. As far as I know, I saw him fight once and he fought somebody that had a record of like 6-20 and won on a split decision. The guy is a fraud. Ronda has a lot of talent. She came into that gym with a very strong background of training at the Olympic level and it carried her a long way.

“She needs to get away from some egomaniac fraud and be herself. Ronda as herself can beat anybody on the planet…”

Wow and ouch? Now really, it’s not too surprising to hear that Rousey’s mom hasn’t changed her stance on Tarverdyan, due to the aforementioned loss. But, it will be interesting to see how this plays out over the long term.

Will this be an issue for Rousey mentally when she plans to return to the cage? And possibly face Holm for a second time? Or, could it be that Rousey will still train with Tarverdyan, but intends to bring some other coaches into the mix as well? Really, you would think she’s going to make some changes no?