Last week it was reported by NY Post “Page Six” columnist Richard Johnson that Ronda Rousey’s upcoming memoir, “My Fight/Your Fight,” will not be available at US retailer Walmart.

The reason, said Johnson, who failed to offer any source for his information, was that the book (to be released May 12) has been deemed “too violent.”

Folks on the internet, as they often do, went nuts. How can this be, asked an uncredited writer for The Underground Forum’s MMA News. After all, Walmart sells firearms! And, Walmart sells ammunition! And, Walmart even sold Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell’s autobiography!

(The latter, for the record, was a fun, quick read. Chuck is a funny guy and he grouped his experiences in a list of life lessons, which I really enjoyed. Although, I kind of winced when he described his old opponent Tito Ortiz walking in to the Octagon with the flag of Ireland. That was the flag of Mexico, Chuck…!)

There’s been a lot of banter about this already. Some have inferred that Walmart doesn’t sell a lot of books anyway. Others tried to keep an open mind about the matter, recalling that we don’t really know what kind of content is in Rousey’s book anyway… eh.

I suppose there’s a few points to be made on either side.

The truth is, Walmart is indeed carrying the book, online at least. But for all the media reports about the matter –here’s one from Yahoo!, here’s another from MSN — we still haven’t heard any official word from a Walmart spokesperson.

So, either Rousey’s book will be there next month, followed by, perhaps, a CD featuring her covering Public Enemy’s “Letter to the New York Post” — or, it won’t.