It was 22 years ago today that the first edition of the Ultimate Fighting Championship was held, in Denver, Colorado.

That night, a tournament was held with a “style vs. style” theme, to give the toughest martial artists in the world a chance to prove themselves on a global stage.

Today, the UFC has evolved to an entirely different sport, where every fighter possesses a wide skill set which borrows from several different disciplines.

Still, fighters have their specialties.

This weekend, Holly Holm, arguably the most decorated boxer to ever step into the Octagon, will challenge for the UFC women’s bantamweight title against judo standout Ronda Rousey.

One of the world’s top boxing trainers, Freddie Roach, weighed in on the subject in a recent interview with Ariel Helwani.

Roach thinks the sweet science’s representative here doesn’t stand much of a chance. And, he says, neither would he.

“Female boxing never really caught on like Ronda Rousey has,” Roach said, as transcribed by Adam Guillen Jr for MMA Mania. “Ronda is just huge right now. The thing is, she knows the ground game so much better than boxing. I like Ronda to win that fight pretty easily. People ask me if she can beat me in a fight, well I am 55 and I know nothing about the ground game, but if she gets me in a lock, I have no idea what to do with it. So yes, she can beat me.”

Roach trained briefly with Rousey, and describes her a “good boxer” — but that’s not where she will win.

“While they stand up it will be a good fight,” Roach admits. “But once it goes to the ground, I think Ronda will destroy her.”

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