Ronda Rousey appeared on the TV show “Good Morning, America” today and announced that she’ll be facing Holly Holm at UFC 195 in January.

There’s a lot of information to process here, so let’s take it one a time.

First, we’re announcing fights on Good Morning, America now? How did that happen?

Second, what the heck happened to a third bout with Miesha Tate? At least Tate has beaten her way back up to the number two position in the division. Which leads us to the third thing to process…

…Holm? Holm has had two fights in the Octagon, and both were less-than-impressive affairs where she went the distance with Marion Reneau and Raquel Pennington (and she squeaked by Pennington with a split decision). Sure, Holm has outstanding credentials as a pro boxer and can kick with pinpoint accuracy. But she’s been brought along so slowly, and looked so uninspiring, that it’s hard to imagine she’d survive past ten seconds in Rousey’s cage.

And it is most certainly Rousey’s cage. She has slaughtered everyone, and there’s nothing we’ve seen out of Holm thus far to suggest that the outcome of their fight would be any different.

Tate, Cris Cyborg, even Amanda Nunes would’ve been a more compelling match-up. Holm is just a warm body with a pulse.