Although Ronda Rousey is just closing out her first year in the UFC, it hasn’t taken long for the bantamweight champ to become one of the sport’s biggest stars. Sure, she may not have as decorated a record as legendary fighters like Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre, but “Rowdy” already knows the amount of pressure that comes with being a household name. Not only that, but before she entered MMA, Rousey was a world class Judo competitor, so the 26 year-old has been working hard to fulfil expectations most of her life.

So, when you consider all this, it’s not too surprising to hear that Rousey is completely supportive of St. Pierre’s decision to step away from fighting. Especially since some fans completely lost their minds several months back, when Rousey said she might hang up the gloves after a few more years.

While speaking on a media call today to promote her UFC 168 bout with Miesha Tate, here is some of what Rousey had to say about GSP vacating the belt (comments via MMA

“Georges had just passed the record for most time ever spent in the Octagon,” Rousey said. “He just broke the record. No one spent as much time as him ever in the Octagon before, so can you really blame him for really feeling like he was done? No one reached that point yet. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect him to do more. If he wants to do more, awesome, go for it. But if he expects him to be done, he’s done, that’s fine. Go rest. You deserve it. You don’t have to risk your life for anyone.”

Rousey also added that since fighters risk their physical well being every time they compete, there’s “a lot of stress”, “time and time again.” As a result, you “can’t fight for anyone else but your self.” It’s pretty hard to argue with that.