Late-night talk show hosts are, by their very nature, soft creatures. I mean, their job is to sit behind a desk and talk, so how tough could they be? Regardless, it is still somewhat impressive when an MMA fighter is allowed to get close enough to one and ply their trade – which is what champ Ronda Rousey did when she sat in the guest’s chair for “The Tonight Show”.

From the video below we can observe these things:

  • Host Jimmy Fallon was curious, like a cat who doesn’t know the old adage about curiosity being deadly.
  • Rousey is pretty dolled up, but still dangerous.
  • Fallon squeals like a girl when afraid and in pain.
  • Fallon knows zero armbar defense. Who taps out to that?

Overall, however, it was great that Rousey – and the sport – got some positive mainstream exposure. There was a whole bit on Rousey talking about pro MMA being illegal in New York and Fallon thought that was absurd. So yeah, good stuff.